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0000404SOGoWeb Mailpublic2010-02-02 22:10
Reporterwimmer Assigned Towsourdeau 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Versionnightly v2 
Summary0000404: SOGo doesn't display attachments

SOGo last mtn version (or probably from 27-1-2010) doesn't display attachments
[An error occurred during object publishing
did not find body part]

Feb 02 11:18:34 sogod [22700]: <0x012458F0[SOGoMailBodyPart]:2> renewing imap4 password
Feb 02 11:18:34 sogod [22700]: [ERROR] <0x012458F0[SOGoMailBodyPart]:2> Could not connect IMAP4

mtn version from 25-1-2010 works without this bug.

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2010-02-02 13:00

administrator   ~0000526

Last edited: 2010-02-02 13:01

Are you using webauth?



2010-02-02 13:08

reporter   ~0000527

yes I'm, but it is same on other machine where I'm not using webauth (but standard LDAP auth).
The second effect of this problem is that user cannot accept event invitation in Mail module (same reason in the log file). He can accept it in Calendar module.



2010-02-02 22:10

viewer   ~0000528

fixed in e046e450fc30a21b1550b89a91fb49c2676d0457

Sorry for that. An old bug that was revealed with the changes done last week...

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