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0000318SOGo ConnectorGUIpublic2010-01-12 21:35
Reporterjamesr Assigned Toludovic  
Status resolvedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version0.97 
Summary0000318: Auto-completion doesn't work with in mail compose window

I think this is a bug against connector but may be against integrator (I am running both).

Without the addons installed when I start trying someones name it looks them up from our LDAP server to auto-complete the address. This doesn't happen with the connector installed and lookups set to happen from the SOGo server rather than LDAP directly. Setting in Thunderbird are correct. Its a little messy having both SOGo sources and native LDAP sources in the same client in my opinion.

Thanks. If you require further information please let me know.

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2010-01-12 19:27

administrator   ~0000419

Show us the content of your .GNUstepDefaults, the URL of your shared address book and the customized version of extensions.rdf from the SOGo Integrator plugin.



2010-01-12 19:43

reporter   ~0000420

Hey Ludovic, can we make this bug report private then? I'd prefer not to leak this data to the whole interweb. I can't find the option in my interface to make it private maybe you can?

If not close this one and I will recreate it as a private report.




2010-01-12 19:52

administrator   ~0000422

Yep, send me a private mail.



2010-01-12 21:35

administrator   ~0000426

It was a configuration error. The:

pref("sogo-integrator.autocomplete.server.urlid", ...

preference in site.js was incorrectly specified.

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