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0002897SOGo Connectorwith external serverpublic2014-08-15 08:30
ReporterErik Logtenberg Assigned To 
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PlatformThunderbird 24.5.0OSFedoraOS Version19
Product Version24.0.4 
Summary0002897: SoGo Connector doesn't sync email addresses that are marked as "preferred" in Owncloud

(it's actually Connector 24.0.6 but I can't select that version in the bug tracker)

In Owncloud you can enter multiple email addresses for a contact. You can also select a checkbox to indicate one of those is "preferred". SoGo Connector only syncs the non-preferred email addresses.

So now for all my contacts that have a preferred email account, Thunderbird doesn't have those email accounts in the Address Book, and I can only use the non-preferred addresses.

Steps To Reproduce

Create an account in Owncloud, fill in multiple email addresses, select a preferred one, sync, observe only non-preferred addresses synced.

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duplicate of 0002570 resolvedludovic Multiple emails not synchronized 


Erik Logtenberg

Erik Logtenberg

2014-08-14 14:51

reporter   ~0007407

I just read bug 0002570, which appears to be the same problem, but there it is suggested that the order of email addresses is relevant, not the "preferred" check box. I don't know which one is true, because all my accounts have their preferred email address also as first email address, so it could simply be that.

In that case, this is a clear duplicate of 0002570.

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