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0002841SOGoApple iPhone OSpublic2024-03-21 12:30
ReporterGunnar Weissmann Assigned To 
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Platform[Server] LinuxOSDebianOS Version7 (Wheezy)
Product Version2.2.6 
Target Version2.3.7 
Summary0002841: Invitations on iOS 7 does not show up

OS: iOS 7.1.2/iOS 6.1.6
Client: native iOS Calendar App

When you invite a attendee to an event it is not shown up on the iOS Device; otherwise replied events in the inbox are shown and i can edit my invitation afterwards.

The only way to find invitations is to search them to answer them. When you have many invitations this is not practicable.

Thank you for your support!

Kind regards,

Gunnar Weissmann

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2014-07-07 08:47

developer   ~0007287

Do you have enabled sending email invitations?
SOGoAppointmentSendEMailNotifications = YES

Gunnar Weissmann

Gunnar Weissmann

2014-07-07 09:36

reporter   ~0007288

Yes, email-invitations are enabled but this makes no difference (should this work?).
The invitations-emails were received but there is still no invitation in the ical inbox under iOS.

Gunnar Weissmann

Gunnar Weissmann

2014-07-07 10:42

reporter   ~0007289

we expect that invitations work under iOS is that right?

Gunnar Weissmann

Gunnar Weissmann

2014-07-07 16:17

reporter   ~0007292

I assume it has something to do with this error in the sogo.log:

Jul 07 17:57:20 sogod [874]: [ERROR] <0xAAB6CEE0[SOGoAppointmentFolder]:personal> DAV property '{}created-by' has no matching SQL field, response could be incomplete
Jul 07 17:57:20 sogod [874]: [ERROR] <0xAAB6CEE0[SOGoAppointmentFolder]:personal> DAV property '{urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:caldav}schedule-tag' has no matching SQL field, response could be incomplete
Jul 07 17:57:20 sogod [874]: [ERROR] <0xAAB6CEE0[SOGoAppointmentFolder]:personal> DAV property '{}updated-by' has no matching SQL field, response could be incomplete

Perhaps this older entry has something to do with it:

Gunnar Weissmann

Gunnar Weissmann

2014-07-31 10:48

reporter   ~0007371

are invitations functional under ios?



2015-04-06 12:34

reporter   ~0008396

Hello Sogo team. Is there some news on this error?
We are encountering this as well but on version 2.2.13
Please suggest some workaround or...
Many thanks.



2015-04-23 18:14

reporter   ~0008424

Last edited: 2015-04-23 18:15

Found the events added through activesync are all getting added in the calendar with date 01/01/2001 000000 GMT.

Are we missing any config parameter?

Could reproduce on IOS 8.3 and android (Divide) also ...

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2015-04-24 07:02

developer   ~0008427

This thread is about CalDAV, not ActiveSync.

@Gunnar Weissman
The errors in 7371 are there, because Apple "invented" some new attributes, which are not part of the CalDAV standard.
So SOGo is just saying "I don't know them".
These are harmless.

And yes, Invitation emails should be visible on iDevices.



2015-04-26 23:06

reporter   ~0008431

Last edited: 2015-04-29 09:25

The Problem is that sogo and/or openchange unfortunately can't handle invitations.

Caldav and Activesync are both sending mails with attached *.ics calendar file, like original EAS do. But the original Microsoft EAS makes iPhone pop up a native message with invitation information, where you can make a choise, what to do with the invitation. Openchange/sogo-activesync and sogo-caldav don't make iPhone popup this important message window. You get just a mail with an attached ics file and you can add this ics to your calendar. Next problem is that the sender wont be informed about the status of invitation if you accept/discard his invitation. Thats is really pity.

As a rule, this progress works like this (as far as I know) :
1.iPhone must recieve invitation mail
2.get the atteched calender file
3.remove the mail the invitation popup and add to calendar (depending on users choise in the invitation message).
5.(possibly send an invitation confirmation mail with information attached in new ics file)

That is how it must work but iPhone doesn't. I think there must be something wrong with the recieved ics calender file, generated by sogo/openchange. There are missing (meta) information. So the iPhone treat the attached ics like file attachment and not like event invitation. Microsoft EAS must adding the information before sending mails but sogo/openchange doesn't. That is why iphone doesn't show invitation window.

I tried everything but sogo can't do that unfortunately at the moment.

I really really hope that this important function will be implemented soon.

If sogo does that, ill defentliy never buy exchange i will buy only zentyal license and never windows again, just to support this wonderful project! But missing this function, i regrettably can't use openchange at the moment.

I think that developers didn't pay attention on this very important function and if they do, I think it will be implemented very fast, because I think that issue is not very difficult.

(Also ZPush doesn't do that)



2015-04-29 09:34

reporter   ~0008435

Last edited: 2015-04-29 09:39

Das Problem ist, dass sogo und/oder openchange nicht mit Einladungen umgehen können.

CalDAV und SOGo-ActiveSync senden beide eine E-Mail, an die sie jeweils eine *.ics Kalenderinformationsdatei anhängen, so wie auch der ExchangeActiveSync das tut. In der Regel sollte das empfangende Gerät, die ics Datei aus dem Mail Anhang als Ereigniseinladung und nicht als E-Mail mit einem (beliebigen) Dateianhang deuten. Weil dies hier nicht passiert, gehe ich davon aus, dass Randinformationen, die in der ics Datei oder gar E-Mail enhalten sein sollten, damit dies passiert, fehlen. Aus diesem Grund zeigt das iPhone keine Kalender Einladungsmeldung sondern eine Mail mit einer ics Datei, die du zu deinem Kalender "manuell" anfügen kannst. Dabei gibt es noch ein weiteres Problem, unzwar funktioniert komsicherweise auch die Benachrichtigung an den ersteller des Ereignises so gar nicht.

Ich hoffe sehr dass diese Funktion bald kommt, dann sage ich Windows aufwiedersehen. Vor allem weil ich dieses Projekt unterstützen will, werde ich nur noch auf gekauftes Zentyal setzen.

(ZPush kann dies genausowenig und noch weniger! (Schon Kolab, Zarafa usw ausprobiert und alle konnten das nicht, am vielversprechendsten ist eindeutig SOGo)
Ist das ein generelles Problem bei allen?)



2015-04-29 11:39

reporter   ~0008439

Last edited: 2015-04-29 12:23

@Christian Mack

sorry I mentioned activesync. But please advice what the following is related to.

I receive an Event invitation (generated on SOGo, Thunderbird/Lightning). The mail shows up in my email box (configured using ActiveSync). Opening the ics attachment shows the event start/end as 1st January 2001 00:00 GMT to 1st January 2001 00:00 GMT (adjusted for my timezone).

thanks for your insight in advance.



2015-05-03 23:33

reporter   ~0008443

I noticed that there isn't any groupware but exchange that is able to poppup message? But why?



2015-05-03 23:35

reporter   ~0008444

Last edited: 2015-05-03 23:37

The topic must be changed: this problem appears on all iOS versions, all android versions and all protocols: caldav, activesync. I tried every combination with new and old smartphones. This functions doesn't work.



2015-05-08 10:21

reporter   ~0008455

Was ist nötig, damit dieses Feature implementiert wird?
Ist das eine Investitionsfrage oder eher die Frage, was Apple (iOS) und Microsoft (EAS) preisgibt?

Nachdem was ich in ZPush darüber gelesen habe, habe ich die Befürchtung, dass es fast nicht realistisch ist, dieses Feature vollständig zu implementieren :(

Ich würde so gerne dabei Helfen, dieses Feature zu entwickeln, bin aber leider kein Entwickler.

Können Sie uns aufklären, weshalb das nicht funktioniert?

Danke im Voraus

MfG Sergej :)



2015-08-11 11:33

reporter   ~0008804

Are there any news?



2016-08-03 14:41

reporter   ~0010561

And now? Has anyone tried a new Version?
Funktioneirt die Einladungsmeldung inzwischen?



2016-12-21 19:22

reporter   ~0011076

Last edited: 2016-12-21 19:27

Any new Information about this issue?
The bug/behavior already exists in the current nightly build (Release 3.2.5)

Invitations from MS Exchange will be displayed.
But there is another bug (0003965) which makes this useless.

Invitations from SOGo account wouldn't show up.

Testet with:

  • SOGo 3.2.4 & 3.2.5 (Nightly Build)
  • iOS 9
  • iOS 10
  • MS Exchange 2010


2016-12-22 16:32

administrator   ~0011090

What do you mean by "Invitations from MS Exchange will be displayed." ?

Was you test done with MS Exchange + ActiveSync vs. SOGo + ActiveSync?



2016-12-22 16:50

administrator   ~0011092

This bug mix and match CalDAV and EAS so it's hard to track.

I've just done a test with IOS 9.3.5 + SOGo v3 + EAS.

The invitation is correctly shown (as as attachment) in the Mail app. User can click on the attachment and accept/decline the event.

The invitation is also correctly shown in the Calendar application, in the Inbox "popup".

So all is fine for invitations received from other SOGo users. If it does not work for invitations received from external users, like GMail or Exchange, provide the EML version of the invitation email.



2017-01-05 09:59

reporter   ~0011167

If I get an invitation from a user who's using MS Exchange, everything is fine. I get an notification on my iPhone from the calendar app.

If I received an invitation from a SOGo user, only the mail with the attached ics file will be displayed.
But there is no notification from the calendar app.
Its possible to open the ics file and handle the invitation, but if you get many invitation, this is less comfortable.



2017-01-06 15:58

administrator   ~0011172


Using EAS or CalDAV on the iPhone?

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