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0002280SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2013-04-11 19:48
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Product Version2.0.4b 
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Summary0002280: Web calendar invite attendees free/busy time differs from normal calendar

In SOGo Webinterface:

When planning a new event and inviting attendees, the free/busy time differs from the calendar.

Even with my very own calender, the events are shifted between 1 hr to 23 hrs.

E.g. web calendar event on 04/03/13 10 - 11 am shows up in the "invite attendee free/busy" view at 04/04/13 09-10 am.

Behaviour seems to be different in differeetn weeks, sometimes no shift, sometimes 1 hr, sometimes 23 hrs.

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Similar effect as on reported bug 0000963

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2013-04-02 06:47

reporter   ~0005462

Can be reproduce in online demo.

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