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0001959SOGoBackend Calendarpublic2016-09-23 19:33
Reportermaxb Assigned Toludovic  
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Product Version1.3.17 
Target Versionsoon 
Summary0001959: Misleading HTTP response code when icalendar sequence number incorrect

In the file SoObjects/Appointments/SOGoAppointmentObject.m, there is the following code fragment:

// We first check of the sequences are alright. We don't accept attendees
// accepting "old" invitations. If that's the case, we return a 403
if ([[newEvent sequence] intValue] < [[oldEvent sequence] intValue])
return [NSException exceptionWithHTTPStatus:403
reason: @"sequences don't match"];

"403 Forbidden" is somewhat misleading and inaccurate for this case. "409 Conflict" would seem to be much more suitable.

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2016-09-23 19:33

administrator   ~0010677

That was changed a little while ago to a 409.

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