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0001719SOGoBackend Generalpublic2014-02-04 20:28
Reporterefuste Assigned Toludovic  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0001719: Impossible to change password at logon time (pwdreset ppolicy)

Ubuntu 11.10
Sogo 1.3.13
ppolicy activated on sogo and openldap
password change in user pref -> ok, and error on password constraints are correctly reported.

ldap attribute pwdreset added to the account
login -> popup requesting new password
giving a new ppolicy compliant password -> unknown ppolicy error 32552 (number not always the same).

On the ldap side, with debug 128 or 255, no activity when trying to apply new password. No error in sogo.log

Side effect bug:

  • hit cancel -> hit login -> sogo log in because the bind was successful and cached even if password must be changed.
    -> in case of password change request by ppolicy, password and successful logon should not be cached by SOGo.
    (should I open a specific bug for this ?)
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child of 0002169 closedjraby Possible bug with session and LDAP filtering 




2012-03-22 16:17

reporter   ~0003620

additional info

Main bug: using ldappasswd as the user to change the password and reset the pwdreset attribute work as expected.

side effect bug: sogo log on but all directory operation fails as expected (search is denied because password must be changed)



2012-03-23 08:50

reporter   ~0003625

Using the side effect bug, bypass the "force password change" by hitting cancel and logon.
Access user prefs, password tab.
Change the password -> password change ok

So the main bug is limited to the login page password change popup.

Bug opened as minor but is major/block for us.



2012-03-23 13:11

reporter   ~0003626

The side effect bug could be view as a security bug (security policy bypass).

(I know, I should take a support contract, I expect that is it in the pipe of buyers from my side)



2012-03-23 14:03

reporter   ~0003627

one more thought:
Not only the password should be cached after the complete policy validation, but in case of ppolicy use, negative caching should not be use to not perturb ppolicy functionallity like pwdMaxFailure and pwdMaxFailureCountInternval.



2012-05-31 18:51

administrator   ~0003998

What are the version of the OpenLDAP libraries on your machine?



2012-06-01 09:41

reporter   ~0004002

libldap-2.4-2 2.4.25-1.1ubuntu4.1



2013-03-06 17:30

reporter   ~0005412

Part of side effect bug should be fixed by 0002263
Will test it in context of ppolicy.



2013-03-07 09:17

reporter   ~0005413

Fix is here : 0002169

Need to check if the ppolicy password change bug is still relevant.



2014-02-04 20:28

administrator   ~0006495

Fixed a little while ago.

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