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0001386SOGoWeb Mailpublic2011-07-20 22:26
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Product Version1.3.8 
Summary0001386: Strange using quotes in addresses

SOGo Webmail inserts full name of the sender and recipients of the message into quotes.
When recipient of that message wish to forward it and uses "Forward" action, SOGo opens new window and inserts part of the header and text of the message into it.
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Test
Date: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 21:24 CEST
From: "Mr. Frank McIntosh" <>
To: "Ing. Peter Pan" <>, "Harry Potter" <>

When recipient selects some of that addresses included quotes by the mouse and inserts them via Copy&Paste into "To:" field, SOGo writes them into "To:" with the quotes.
To: "Ing. Peter Pan" <>, "Harry Potter" <>

But by sending this message SOGo changes format of "To:" and covers these addresses into next quotes somewhat strangely, like:
to: ""Ing. Peter Pan" <>, "Harry Potter"" <>

And then send this message to first address only :-(

In fact - recipient use correct way, select correct addresses and use them via Copy&Paste, but SOGo send his message to first recipient only and nobody knows about it.
(Two our users have conflict with each other from this reason and I discovered it)


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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2011-07-20 15:38

developer   ~0002724

I did reproduce this problem in SOGo 1.3.7a.
If I save the email before sending it, then all quotation marks are gone!
After sending they read:
"Ing. Peter Pan <>, Harry Potter" <>
And it only tries to send it to <>.
Definitely a bug.

There is a workaround:

You have to press <Return> or <Enter> after pasting multiple addresses in the "To:" field.
This will distribute all addresses into separate "To:" fields.
Now you can send it to all of them.

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2011-07-20 15:47

developer   ~0002725

Seems SOGo doesn't respect quotation marks at all.

To: "Lincoln, Abraham" <>

will give you:
To: Lincoln
To: Abraham <>

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2011-07-20 16:02

developer   ~0002726

Seems to be a problem with escaping too.

To: "Mr. ABC" <>, "ÜÖÄ Boß" <>

is converted by saving to:

To: =?utf-8?q?Mr.ABC <> _=C3=9C=C3=96=C3=84_Bo=C3=9F?= <>



2011-07-20 17:30

administrator   ~0002727

Partially fixed with revision 43226c6973143c1625e30132d5e52ff2c5bf260a.



2011-07-20 22:26

reporter   ~0002733

looks a little bit like the issue 0001340.

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