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0001111SOGoWeb Mailpublic2014-03-05 01:53
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Product Version1.3.5 
Target Version1.3.6 
Summary0001111: Sieve filter - Can't file into folder with special characters

This bug happen with Cyrus-IMAP. If I choose the "file into" action with a folder with special characters, Cyrus reports a "Mailbox does not exist" when the filter matches.

cyrus/lmtp[26582]: sieve runtime error for sogo1 id <60c9-4d441400-13-7b950e80@158797587>: Fileinto: Mailbox does not exist

In this example, the script was :

if anyof (address :contains ["to", "cc"] "") {
fileinto "BoƮte";

while it should be :

if anyof (address :contains ["to", "cc"] "") {
fileinto "Bo&AO4-te";

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has duplicate 0002622 closedludovic Wrong UTF-7 encoding names of mail folders in Sieve filters 




2011-02-01 17:19

administrator   ~0002065

Fixed in revision 127d7e0f27ce8654d56f5744a2db77f6e533bf38.



2011-02-01 22:39

viewer   ~0002069

Last edited: 2011-02-01 22:43

That is wrong. Sieve filters must use UTF-8. It's the filtering daemon that should perform the proper conversion. Reference: rfc3028



2011-02-02 01:20

administrator   ~0002070

See this thread:

Cyrus requires folder to be in mUTF-7.
Dovecot requires folder to be in UTF-8.

Cyrus has an option:

sieve_utf8fileinto: 0

If enabled, the sieve engine expects folder names for the fileinto action in scripts to use UTF8 encoding. Otherwise, modified UTF7 encoding should be used.



2011-02-03 18:36

administrator   ~0002080

Good to know.

This Cyrus parameter has been introduced in version 2.3.13.



2011-02-03 18:52

administrator   ~0002081

Rolled back. No more support for Cyrus 2.2.x .. :/

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