Released 2021-06-01
0005336: [Web Calendar] Cannot change the calendar order (francis)
0005334: [Packaging (Debian)] apt dist-upgrade fails with "File has unexpected size" (francis)
0005153: [Backend Mail] SAML2 login mapping (francis)
0005270: [Backend General] SSO with Keycloak for SAML2.0 broken (francis)
0005292: [Web Mail] SAML auth seems to have stopped working between 5.0.1-1 and 5.1.0-1 (francis)
0005327: [Packaging (Debian)] logrotate fails on debian 10 with "error: skipping "/var/log/sogo/sogo.log" because parent directory has insecure permissions" (francis)
0001651: [Web Address Book] Contact lists are not imported correctly (francis)
0005324: [Web General] Error when selecting "Snooze" in an alarm reminder (francis)
0005313: [Web Calendar] Daily events not shown (francis)
0005316: [Web Mail] Compose box COPY / Paste from Excel Sheet Issue (francis)
0005301: [Web Calendar] Category Markers in Calender are Tiny and almost not visible (francis)
0005278: [Web Mail] loading circle loads forever (up to 5 minutes sometimes) when SOGoRefreshViewCheck is enabled (francis)
0004970: [GUI] Browsing folders does not deselect selected items. (francis)
0005148: [Web Mail] E-Mails are sometimes not selectable (francis)
0005291: [Web General] White font color on white quick search box (francis)
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