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0000878SOGo Integratorpublic2011-02-04 16:44
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Summary0000878: TB 3.1 Does not Show invite buttons

Sogo 1.3.2 (debian lenny) with Thunderbird 3.1 and the 3.102 extensions (connector, integrator, lightning). When someone (external) sends me an email with an ICS invite, in the web interface, I see the options to Accept, Decline, etc. But in Thunderbird, I see the meeting (Event Invitation, etc), but none of these buttons. I saw an earlier posting about this problem saying that the nightly extensions fixed this problem. So I downloaded them from (9/29/10) and installed the new lightning, sogo-connector and sogo-integrator extensions.

Additional Information

I person on the mailing list had the same problem and said when he switched from the inverse edition of lightning to Lightning 1.0b2, he got the invites back -- so the problem is probably in the inverse edition of lightning.

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2010-10-01 15:36

reporter   ~0001536

Dup of 781 i think



2010-10-01 15:54

reporter   ~0001537

I should mention this affects invite internally (from sogo users) and external (.ICS attached)



2010-11-12 16:24

reporter   ~0001783

Is ->View->Display Attachements inline active?
If it is disabled TB doesn't show the Buttons. I think this affects internal and external Invites but only tested an External. Of course they should always be displayed.



2010-11-12 17:01

reporter   ~0001785

I confirm this situation:

  • invite from TB - inline active: doesn't work
  • invite from TB - inline inactive: doesn't work
  • invite from sogo - inline active: doesn't work
  • invite from sogo - inline inactive: work

I think that they should always be displayed



2010-11-15 09:43

reporter   ~0001802

I think this related or dup of 781



2011-02-04 16:44

administrator   ~0002090

Fixed with

Try out the 1.0b2+105pre1 version from

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