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0000857SOGo Connectorpublic2011-03-08 13:26
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Summary0000857: Lightning CardDAV plugin wants old syntax for WebDAV Sync report

The CardDAV plugin for lightning expects the XML from the server to use DAV::sync-response elements. The definition of this report changed in draft -03 to use simple DAV::response elements in line with normal REPORT and PROPFIND responses.


In particular, see point (4) under 'Changes in -03' in Appendix A.

Quite likely the plugin will need to allow for either DAV::response or DAV::sync-response for a period of time as servers and clients catch up with the latest draft.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Use the Inverse CardDAV plugin to connect to a DAViCal addressbook via CardDAV, using DAViCal or later.

2) Observe that you do not get any contact information on a synchronise action.

3) Change the DAViCal configuration to add the setting:

$c->use_old_sync_response_tag = true;

4) Repeat step (2) but this time see all the happy contacts appear :-)

Additional Information

I'm the author of DAViCal CalDAV server. I just released version with the dodgy configuration setting workaround for this issue as outlined above.

It seems exceedingly likely that this bug has a corresponding server-side bug in SOGo... :-)

Andrew McMillan.

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duplicate of 0001098 resolvedwsourdeau GroupDavSynchronizer: obsolete DAV:sync-response after DAV:sync-collection request? 




2011-01-20 19:41

reporter   ~0002038

I've now written an Android CalDAV client, which I was attempting to test against SOGo server last night, and I can confirm that the SOGo server also suffers from the same problem, sending 'sync-response' elements instead of 'response' elements.

A new draft has been issued, including minor updates, but it is very unlikely that the basic response will change further. See:

Andrew McMillan.



2011-01-26 15:59

reporter   ~0002053

I ran into the exact same issue with the Sogo connector for Thunderbird 3 and reported it as bug 0001098. Sorry, I was not aware of this report. I attached a patch to 0001098 which can be applied to the latest Thunderbird connector nightly. The patch resolves the issue on my setups.




2011-03-08 13:26

administrator   ~0002216

karora - can you try the patch from and tell us if it works well for you?

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