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0000854SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2010-10-14 20:20
Reporterib_pl Assigned Tofrancis  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.3.2 
Target Version1.3.3Fixed in Version1.3.3 
Summary0000854: Unstable delete option


There are some problems with removing events using web interface (tested in SOGo 1.3.2 and Firefox 3.6.8 and IE8).

Sometimes deleting it works fine but very often you cannot remove event using context menu nor DEL key. Sometimes pressing DEL popups Yes/No dialog and pressing Yes does nothing (only pressing No closes popup). Sometimes if you click one event and choose delete option from context menu - you get warning that no event is selected but pressing DEL (without changing event selection) works ok.


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has duplicate 0000914 closed Delete event 




2010-09-24 20:02

reporter   ~0001514

I've tested same operations in downgraded SOGo 1.3.1 - no such problems with deleting events from web interface in this version. Seems that problem exists in 1.3.2 only.



2010-10-08 16:10

administrator   ~0001580

I fixed a few bugs (pushed in revision 9d48a94d741021fe7ac3ee6f71d69855f8348d2d). They will be integrated in the next nightly build. Please let me know if it properly fixes the problem you described. Thanks!



2010-10-14 20:20

administrator   ~0001614

I think this bug could be officially declared as fixed.

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