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0000735SOGoBackend Generalpublic2010-09-14 01:08
Reportermaddog Assigned Toludovic  
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Product Version1.3.0 
Target Version1.3.2Fixed in Version1.3.2 
Summary0000735: Documentation for "IDFieldName" is incorrect/misleading.

In the Installation and Configuration Guide, "IDFieldName" in SOGoUserSources is described as:
"the field that starts a user DN".

This is incorrect if bindFields is also used. IDFieldName must name a field which is unique over the entire SOGo domain (described in a given SOGoUserSources), and it doesn't matter if it is part of a user's DN or not.

(Looking at LDAPSource.m, in the case that bindFields is not used, it looks like maybe IDFieldName should indeed be "the field that starts a user DN". However, it is not clear if SOGo even works if UIDFieldName is not set to be the same as IDFieldName. If so, this is something else to either fix or at least document.)

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2010-09-14 01:08

administrator   ~0001435

Updated the doc.

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