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0000645SOGo IntegratorBackend Calendarpublic2010-06-08 13:13
Reporterwcronen Assigned Towsourdeau 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionMonotone / nightly 
Summary0000645: duplicate and not working calendars with UUID instead name

There's a new nasty bug with the nightly-build of SOGo I installed on Saturday in combination with the SOGo-Integrator (in Lightning):

All calendars seem to be duplicated not with its name but rather with its internal UUID. You have then 3 calendars (2 wrong and not working) because the duplicated calendars show up as ".../UUID.ics/" and ..../UUID.xml/".

This problem is only in cominbation with SOGo-Integrator and Lightning not in the Webfrontend.

I attached a screenshot so that you can better understand the problem.

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2010-06-06 21:27


duplicated-calendars-error.png (13,540 bytes)   
duplicated-calendars-error.png (13,540 bytes)   


2010-06-08 05:12

reporter   ~0001097

I tried with the latest svn version but the bug is still there. :(

It must be introduced in the svn version between We/Thu(2/3.6) and Sat/Sun(5/6.6) and should therefore be able to fix or find from the developer of the SOGo svn trunk.



2010-06-08 12:06

viewer   ~0001098

It's a bug in SOGo Integrator that was exposed with this new feature. It has been fixed yesterday so you should update your version with the code from ca.inverse.sogo-integrator.



2010-06-08 13:13

viewer   ~0001099

Btw, you should also update SOGo Connector if you do this, as we make use of the implementation of a new DAV call to handling public access in the ACL window.

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