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0000601SOGoWeb Mailpublic2010-05-04 19:40
Reporteraschild Assigned Tofrancis  
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Product Versionnightly v2 
Fixed in Version1.2.2 
Summary0000601: Delete denied in INBOX is not shown to user

We have a mailbox with these owner rights (Cyrus)

localhost> lam INBOX lrswipa

This means, that the owner of the mailbox has no delete/purge rights on the inbox.
Not a very common setup, but the end users did somehow set the rights so...

When we now delete a message from the inbox in the web front end,
the mail is deleted from the list view.
But when we again go to the inbox, then the mail is shown again.

When we try to delete the mail from thunderbird 2.x, then a "Delete denied" message is show to the users.

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2010-05-03 09:38

reporter   ~0000990

I have not tested it, but we should make sure the return value of the IMAP Server should be processed correctly, no matter in which folder we are.



2010-05-04 19:40

administrator   ~0000994

Fixed in revision 3cf3591b19f9abd27fa7dcef1bd85574e88f3050

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