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0005934SOGoGUIpublic2024-03-04 16:34
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Product Version5.10.0 
Summary0005934: SoGo Adressbook do not show members of address group when there is 20 items

When I open personal address book, and I click (select) some contact group having 20 contacts in it it shows only label Members and no items. When I go to edit mode than all items (contacts) are listed. Contact group with only few contacts in it is showing contacs correctly.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to Address book
  2. choose group with 20 contacts in it
  3. have a look on right panel where should be list of contact - but no contact is shown.
  4. choose editing and contacts are visible - only during editing
Additional Information

tested in Opera 107.00, MS Edge, Firefox 123

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2024-03-01 10:07


ContactGroupEditMode.PNG (81,704 bytes)   
ContactGroupEditMode.PNG (81,704 bytes)   
ContactGroupViewMode.PNG (46,045 bytes)   
ContactGroupViewMode.PNG (46,045 bytes)   


2024-03-04 14:15

administrator   ~0017621

Can you try with latest nightly build ?


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