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0005910SOGoBackend Mailpublic2024-03-08 14:00
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Product Version5.9.1 
Summary0005910: Some parameter not supported for a mime type

I have often these messages in the log:

sogod[1182622:1263604] MimeType 'text/' does not support a parameter named 'type' with value 'multipart/alternative'
sogod[1182622:1263604] MimeType 'text/
' does not support a parameter named 'boundary' with value '_0047eb61e13b1a148d9b249c350588e0b7cictex01ictbbch'

From my understanding of MIME these two parameter are actually valid. It looks to me like a false message. Maybe you have to inform the upstream library about it. It could be a parsing mistake as well.

As a sidenote: It would help if you would write out which email is causing this error. If you would print out the ID of the email then it would already help. Thanks. In this specific case I can search now through all emails with the boundary value but this is not always possible. E.g if only the first message would appear then I could only search for "multipart" which would give me 10 million results.

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2024-03-08 10:56

developer   ~0017647

Could you provide an example email in .eml format?



2024-03-08 14:00

reporter   ~0017648

Sadly I can not. As I wrote I don't know which email it is. Can you extend the error message so that the ID of the email is mentioned as well? Then as a second step I can upload the eml.

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