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0005895SOGoBackend Calendarpublic2023-12-17 11:50
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Fixed in Version5.9.1 
Summary0005895: Modifiying an event that contains DURATION= makes it unasable by (at least) macOS/IOS clients

When modifying an event in SOGo that contains DTSTART & DURATION (add an additional attendee by example), SOGo adds “DTEND” in the ICS but doesn't remove the “DURATION".

At the end, the ICS contains DURATION and DTEND, but the rfc5546 says :
| DTEND | 0 or 1 | If present, DURATION MUST NOT be present
| DURATION | 0 or 1 | If present, DTEND MUST NOT be present

When the ICS contains DTEND & DURATION, the event is not visible on Apple (via the caldav connection) and the ICS cannot be manually imported (On macOS 13.6, says "No event was added. No valid events were found to add to your calendar.").

PS: I have tested it with Thunderbird and Korganizer on linux and they accept it with both DURATION & DTEND.

Steps To Reproduce

Add a event to SOGo with DTSTART & DURATION (on our case it is created by a self-hosted instance).
Modify it in SOGo web interface (like add an additional attendee).
Try to view the event in Apple (Desktop or IOS).

Additional Information

See post "DURATION and DTEND bug ?" on users mailing.

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2023-11-17 08:26

administrator   ~0017441

I've made a fix available in the nightly tomorrow ->
Le me know if it works. If you already have "corrupted" events, you can modify them again to fix them.

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