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0005888SOGoWeb Mailpublic2023-12-13 12:57
Reporterwimmer Assigned Tosebastien  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.9.0 
Fixed in Version5.9.1 
Summary0005888: Webmail repeatedly inserts an attachment every time a draft is automatically saved

Webmail automatically inserts the same attachments over and over again into a written message each time a draft is saved.

Steps To Reproduce

Go to, log in as "sogo1",
use "Compose messages in HTML", set "Auto save every 1 minutes".
Start writing new message and insert an image from the local file into it.
Draft of this message is created in the Draft folder. It includes 1 attachment.
One minute later is this draft updated. Now it includes 2 attachments.
One minute later is draft updated again. Now it includes 3 attachments of the same picture.
When you write a message for 20 minutes, recipient receives the message with 20 attachments.

This bug does not appear in "Compose messages in Plain text" mode.

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2023-10-11 19:38


pic1.png (162,205 bytes)   
pic1.png (162,205 bytes)   
pic2.png (209,146 bytes)   
pic2.png (209,146 bytes)   


2023-10-12 07:37

administrator   ~0017370

Wow! Good find. We will add this in our backlog but can't tell you when will this be fixed.



2023-10-13 08:30

administrator   ~0017374

Hi there,

Commit :

Can you try next nightly build ?




2023-10-13 20:20

reporter   ~0017380

I compile SOGo from source codes, so now I compiled SOGo from the Git repository.
I can confirm that the problem is fixed.
Thank your very much for your work, I appreciate it.

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