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0005880SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2023-10-09 08:05
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Product Version5.9.0 
Summary0005880: Organizer of the appointment is taken from the calendar owner used and cannot be changed

After update(?) to SOGo 5.9 the organizer of the appointment is taken from the used calendar owner - but can not be removed/changed for invitations (even if the calendar is changed afterwards). This results in the wrong person (admin) being invited to our calendars shared by other users/admin.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. login to as sogo3
  2. share a calendar with user sogo2 and grant all rights for this user
  3. log in as sogo2
  4. create a new appointment
  5. change the calendar to the shared calendar of sogo3
  6. Add sogo1 to the invitations

current behavior:
User sogo3 is added automatically and cannot be changed or removed (even when changing the calendar)

expected behavior:
User sogo2 is added automatically or can changed

Additional Information

Workaround is to create it in the personal calendar and change the calendar after adding the invitations.

It is potentially duplicative with the I reported, but "earlier" the organizer was not visible (at least that's what users report).

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