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0005871SOGoWeb Preferencespublic2023-09-20 11:45
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Product Version5.8.4 
Summary0005871: Necessarily enter a vacation notification, although already predefined.

We have set the variables "SOGoVacationHeaderTemplateFile" and "SOGoVacationFooderTemplateFile" in sogo.conf and thus set a default vacation notification. With the change of, a vacation message must still always be inserted.

Is it possible to bypass this if a vacation message has already been defined by using the variables?!

Steps To Reproduce

1.) define a path to a text file and enter this as variable "SOGoVacationHeaderTemplateFile" or "SOGoVacationFooderTemplateFile" in the "sogo.conf".
2.) enter the notification text into this files

3.) open SOGo
4.) go to "Mail" in the settings and then to the "Vacation" tab
5.) activate "Enable vacation auto reply"

-> the save button is grayed out until a auto reply message is entered.

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