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0005851SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2023-09-04 15:45
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Summary0005851: Inconsistency in event description modified by Thunderbird vs. Sogo

Preamble: Thunderbird introduced formatting options for event descriptions that are saved via CalDAV as DESCRIPTION;ALTREP. Thunderbird always saves a HTML version (formatted) and a plain text version of the event description like defined in RFC5545.

Sogo ignores the ALTREP-part, only modifies the plaintext-part upon updating the DESCRIPTION property (leaving the ALTREP-part untouched), and displays only the plaintext-part (whereas Thunderbird shows only the ALTREP-part). This leads to an inconsistency of the event description when edited/modified/updated by both applications.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Use Thunderbird Version 102.15.0 to create an event with text in the description field, for example the word "ThunderbirdEdit". The event gets saved correctly on the CalDAV server (sogo calendar). The description field of the VEVENT contains:

  2. Open Sogo Calendar and edit the event description text to "SogoEdit". Now the VEVENT on the server looks like this:

  3. Open the event in Thunderbird (by double clicking). The event description only contains "ThunderbirdEdit" because Thunderbird shows the content of ALTREP.

Additional Information

Very similar issue has been reported for the nextcloud calendar:

As I understood, the consent was to delete all parameters of the DESCRIPTION property, when writing the DESCRIPTION property, including the ALTREP parameter, which is then outdated. That avoids the inconsistency.

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