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0005779SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2023-06-04 19:18
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Product Version5.8.3 
Summary0005779: No toast for task alerts in calendar

No toast notification is displayed when a reminder for a task is set to alert before the due date. At the time to show the alert the alert is cleared but nothing is displayed. Doing the equivalent for events is correctly showing the toast. E-mail notifications for both tasks and event are working as expected.

At the time the alert is triggered the SOGo is showing the following calls in the log file:

docker-sogo-1 | Jun 04 21:10:58 sogod [13]: "GET /SOGo/so/moritz/Calendar/personal/D-647CE180-B-1A15A780.ics/?resetAlarm=yes HTTP/1.0" 302 0/0 0.005 - - 0 - 14
docker-sogo-1 | Jun 04 21:10:58 sogod [13]: "GET /SOGo/so/moritz/Calendar/personal/D-647CE180-B-1A15A780.ics/view?resetAlarm=yes HTTP/1.0" 200 438/0 0.012 - - 0 - 14

Steps To Reproduce

Create a task in a calendar and set a reminder to show an alert some time before the due date.

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