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0005760SOGoBackend Generalpublic2023-05-04 09:37
Reporterperkinma Assigned Tosebastien  
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PlatformRocky LinuxOS Version8.7 
Product Version5.8.2 
Summary0005760: sogo_sessions_folder in DB not updating resulting in sessions expiring rapidly

SQL error on insert into sogo_sessions_folder results in session table not populating and sessions expiring on next cron run.

SQL: INSERT INTO sogo_sessions_folder (c_lastseen, c_creationdate, c_value, c_id) VALUES (1682747516, 1682747516, 'aV+4......
ti4=', 'CNzDzQQEOOqw4iSp');
ERROR: Data too long for column 'c_value' at row 1

Resolved for me by:
ALTER TABLE sogo_sessions_folder MODIFY COLUMN c_value varchar(16383);

It looks like this might have been occuring for others as well for a while:

Does there need to be a small tweak to the schema?

Steps To Reproduce

1) Turn on database debugging
2) Log into SOGo
3) insert into session table fails.

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2023-04-29 15:34

administrator   ~0016917

If you update, did read 5.6.0 ?




2023-05-04 06:47

reporter   ~0016943

Thanks Sebastien you are correct I missed that. My apologies that is most likely the issue thank you for the pointer!



2023-05-04 09:37

administrator   ~0016945

No problem ;)


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