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0005696SOGoWeb Mailpublic2023-09-23 21:35
Reportervidenov Assigned Tosebastien  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinixOSUbuntuOS Version20.04
Product Version5.8.0 
Fixed in Version5.9.0 
Summary0005696: Links not clickable

Hi everyone,

In HTML mails, the links are not parsed and are not clickable. The users have to copy/paste to open them.
Is this by design or a misconfiguration on my side?

Any way to make them clickable?

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2023-02-22 18:04

administrator   ~0016678


Links should be clickable. However I introduced some code injection protections into 5.8.0, which can remove some html parts considered as dangerous.
I tried on but I didn't reproduce links works well. Can you have a try on this server ?

Other question, what is your browser ?




2023-02-23 06:59

reporter   ~0016679

Hi Sebastien,

I meant that the pasted URLs are not parsed and made into links, as most softwares do. To make it clear, in the attached screenshot is a mail sent to on the demo server. The URL inside is plain text, not a link.

sogo-demo-link.png (16,768 bytes)   
sogo-demo-link.png (16,768 bytes)   


2023-02-23 11:14

administrator   ~0016682

Ok so this shoud be a feature ticket

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