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0005678SOGoBackend Mailpublic2023-01-21 21:15
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PlatformServerOSLinuxOS VersionOpenMandriva 5.0
Product Version5.8.0 
Summary0005678: sogo-ealarms-notify is too picky about authentication

sogo-ealarms-notify aborts on startup if no credentialFile is passed, and the mail mechanism is anything other than "sendmail".

There are other situations in which no authentication is required (e.g. local SMTP server that permits sending from localhost without authentication, e.g. postfix with permit_mynetworks).

Steps To Reproduce
  • Install sogo and postfix on the same host
  • Configure postfix with permit_mynetworks
  • Watch sogo-ealarms-notify require a credentailFile anyway
Additional Information

Since it is hard to detect automatically (short of actually trying) whether or not unauthenticated smtp will work with a particular server, maybe an override switch in sogo.conf telling tools that unauthenticated smtp will work is the best fix.

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