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0005648SOGoWeb Preferencespublic2022-11-24 15:12
ReporterChristian Mack Assigned To 
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Product Version5.7.1 
Summary0005648: Set maximum count of email addresses for forwarding

You currently can add as many email addresses for forwarding in "Preferences" --> "Mail" --> "Forward" option "Email addresses" as you like.
But email systems usually have a restriction, how many email addresses are allowed in SIEVE forwarding rules.
If an user adds more addresses than are allowed, SOGo will not warn him.
But the forward will not work as expected.
Therefore it would be sensible to add an Option in sogo.conf, which contains the maximum number of addresses allowed in forwarding.
With that, SOGo could reject every try to add more than the max allowed number with an error message.

Steps To Reproduce
  • login as UserA to SOGo
  • go to "Preferences" --> "Mail" --> "Forward"
  • activate "Forward incoming messages"
  • add more email addresses than your email system allows
    ==> nothing happens
  • save your change
    ==> "Preferences saved"
  • login as UserB
  • send an email to UserA
    ==> You get a sieve error like:
    "sogo: line 11: error: number of redirect actions exceeds policy limit (11 > 10)."
    Only UserA gets that email, it doesn't get forwarded to any given address!
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