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0005600SOGoWeb Preferencespublic2022-09-09 08:20
ReporterChristian Mack Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version5.7.1 
Summary0005600: Preferences option "SOGoDesktopNotifications" default not shown correctly in web frontend

When creating a new account, option "SOGoDesktopNotifications" is per default set to 1 (= active).
But in web frontend in "Preferences" --> "General" --"General" tab option "Enable Desktop Notifications" is shown without a hook (= not active).

Steps To Reproduce
  • make sure USER_A doesn't exist in SOGo
# /usr/sbin/sogo-tool remove USER_A
# systemctl restart memcached
  • login with USER_A credentials in web frontend
  • open "Preferences" --> "General" --"General"
    => option "Enable Desktop Notifications" is shown inactive!
  • check actual setting
# /usr/sbin/sogo-tool get defaults USER_A SOGoDesktopNotifications
<0x0x5565c3671880[SOGoCache]> Cache cleanup interval set every 900.000000 seconds
<0x0x5565c3671880[SOGoCache]> Using host(s) 'local-databasehost' as server(s)
SOGoDesktopNotifications: 1

=> it is active

Additional Information

I also tested this in the nighly build

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