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0005589SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2022-08-29 14:27
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OS VersionWin 10 21H2 
Product Version5.7.0 
Summary0005589: No Update inforamtion are sent to attendees - Event Calender

If a Date/Time oder any other event specification are changed no update information is sent to the attendees.
New Attendees (added to event after initial creation) won't even get an invite in the first place.
When the event is first created, invites are sent.
When the event is deleted a cancelation is sent, even to those attendees that didn't get an invite because they where not added during the inital creating of the event.

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Using sogo on a 14 -day trial, no real experience. Maybe a simple user error? Invitation updates are such a basic function that I cannot believe they are not working

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2022-08-29 14:27

reporter   ~0016191

More info: I always used an alias to send out invitations as it is only a demo version so only a demo mail account was provided- located at the imap settings.
Without the alias updates are sent. Maybe it is a trial version limitation after all.

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