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0005587SOGoActiveSyncpublic2023-01-30 20:29
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Summary0005587: EAS ActiveSync Version 16.1 support

As I understand Sogo still supports on the outdated version EAS 14 which leads to serious limitations on current devices. My most promiment limitation is that calendar invites do not work flawlessly, and also calendar events are not supported to have locations which are linked to maps applications (this is only support e.g. for iOS devices starting EAS 16 or if you use CalDAV).

Since EAS 16.1 was published in 2016, any chance we can get this for SoGO soon?
Thank you for all the good work here - appreciate SoGo other than that.

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2022-10-26 15:14

administrator   ~0016318

Hi @mksogoadmin thank you for your interest on SOGo.

This feature will be discussed soon. Then if it is accepted, it will be added to roadmap.




2022-10-27 07:59

reporter   ~0016320

Hi @smizrahi,

I'd highly appreciate this. After changing all our IOS devices to IMAP/CARDDAV/CALDAV due to the battery drain issue in IOS 16 calendar and invitations works so much better that I don't see a way back to EAS before EAS 16 is supported (although I really love EAS and think it's the much better solution).



2022-11-08 15:02

reporter   ~0016355

vote +1 on this .



2022-11-09 11:03

reporter   ~0016357

This would need binary attachment support for calendar items, introduced in EAS 16.0

Binary attachments create bloat, but please allow bloat in this case :-) It is fantastic to have e.g. scans of tickets / invitations / documents on your mobile phone, without depending on a working internet connection. I'm still using an Exchange server for this reason. Also it's needed for newer EAS support. Maybe set an option to disallow attachments, or set a maximum attachment size, or optionally convert attachments to links and store the binaries somewhere else. Personally I would like to keep data self-contained, also in the database, so the data is more secure. A few images or PDFs don't hurt much, given modern storage and bandwidth.

Relevant issue:

Note that Z-Push development has stalled...



2022-11-09 11:09

reporter   ~0016359

Correct, z-push has been stalled for some time now unfortunately. I'm currently on Kopano CE (also discontinued) and z-push . IOS 16 also has breakage on zpush like search on server. Would be great to have this working on sogo.
Thank you for your efforts in this.



2022-11-10 10:56

reporter   ~0016378

vote +1 on any update/bug fixes on ActiveSync module



2022-11-17 04:03

reporter   ~0016394

It looks like the EAS implementation for Horde is at 16.0. Of course we can't directly take this code and use it because this code is in PHP and SOGo is primarily written in Objective C.

Some information is hung off of this page --
Their Github repo is here --



2023-01-05 08:56

reporter   ~0016533

Just wanted to share my +1 on this



2023-01-17 08:42

administrator   ~0016556

Thanks all for reporting your interest on this feature. We're evaluating what it is the workload for doing this.

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