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0005582SOGoActiveSyncpublic2022-08-18 10:06
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PlatformServerOSDebianOS Version11
Product Version5.7.0 
Summary0005582: [Active Sync] Invitations as allowed Mailboxes over Active Sync Clients don´t work (No Invitation or Calendar Entry)

If you create a appointment in SOGo as a user which is allowed to send as a different person (so if you create a appointment for your friend in the friends calender which has the friend as a receipient) it will send the invitation E-Mail to the invited persons with the calender note aswell.

But if you do the same thing in a Active Sync Client (tested with EM Client) the invited persons (except for yourself, if invited) don´t get a invitation E-Mail nor a Calendar Entry.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Connect your SOGo Profile with a Active Sync Client. (Remember to activate the Calendars with Active Sync as well in SOGo)
  2. Create a Appointment in your Active Sync Client in a Calendar of a different Person (you´re allowed to send from via ACL)
  3. If you did as said you´ll see that no Invitation nor Calendar entry has been created for none exept for you (if you´ve invited yourself as well to this appointment) your own entry has been pushed over but for the shared calendar not.
Additional Information

The whole bug appears in the mailcow-dockerized Stack, so it´s not 100% sure if this is a SOGo or mailcow Bug.

Used Version (of mailcow): 2022-07a

TagsActiveSync, calendar


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