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0005455SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2023-12-10 17:55
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Product Version5.3.0 
Summary0005455: Private/confidential with time marked as free could be hidden

SOGo calendar web interface. Users can subscribe to calendars of other users. Option could be added to hide private/confidential events for which the time is marked as free.

Users subscribing to a calendar with this option enabled would then not see events with those characteristics and would know that they can invite the user to other appointments.

Additional Information

Example (see screenshot): Owner of green calendar creates private event and marks the time as free. Option to hide these events is on. Purple calendar is subscribed to green calendar. Owner of purple is not shown the event.

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2022-01-11 14:32




2022-01-11 15:35

administrator   ~0015741

What are the ACLs for the green calendar? You can share a screenshot or use sogo-tool manage-acl get.



2022-01-11 17:04

reporter   ~0015745

Thank you for the quick reply. This seems to be a misunderstanding. It is simply a feature request and not a bug. We would like it if there was an option to hide events from users we are subscribed to if those events are set to private/confidential and the time is marked as free. Showing users the private events from calendars that they subscribe to which are not marked as "busy" only creates clutter in the overview.



2022-01-11 17:34

administrator   ~0015746

When inviting the user, the free-busy timeline will properly hide those events.

In the Web calendar module, the events marked as free have a two-tone background colour.



2022-01-11 18:19

reporter   ~0015747

Yes, you are right about that.

The screenshot was from the Christmas time and everyone was on vacation. As you see, I have 6 calendars subscribed and usually, my calendar is completely full with lots of private appointments (free and busy) and it is difficult to quickly see where there is a free slot. That's why an option to hide those events would be very useful and truly appreciated.



2022-01-27 20:31

reporter   ~0015829

Maybe to make the wish a little bit clearer: There should be an new possibility to hide events of other users, where the "Show time as free" is checked. This means, a new option "Busy: View the date and time; Free: Nothing" could be added to the options. This would enhance the clarity of the web calendar, when you have more than 3-5 shared calendars on your screen.

Background: Many users put private recurring reminders ("Call XXX", "Order YYY", ...) in the company calendar. If these are marked as "Free", the other colleagues do not even see these reminders, but can correctly recognise an absence ("Pick up children from sports") as a private appointment outside the office and do not plan any professional appointments there.
This improves clarity and the work-life balance ...



2022-01-27 21:19

administrator   ~0015830

What would you prefer:

  1. a user setting to globally hide all transparent events from subscribed calendars;
  2. the same setting as above but configurable for each subscription;
  3. a toggle switch in the Calendar module to momentarily hide or not the transparent events in the current view.


2022-01-28 18:36

reporter   ~0015832

Hello Francis,

under the condition, that "all transparent events" means "View status" = "View the Date & Time" AND "Show time as free" = TRUE we would opt for 2). If this has to much effort for you, we think 3) should be the 2nd best option.

Thanks and regards from Dresden/Germany!



2022-01-28 18:51

reporter   ~0015833


just another idea: There is already a "view status" = "None" in the current configuration which blinds out these calendar entries in the shared calendars (see picture). But unfortunately this view status is valid for both "Show time as free" = TRUE and "Show time as free" = FALSE. If could make this configurable by extending the three rows {public | confidential | private} to six rows {public & busy | public & free | confidential & busy | confidential & free | private & busy | private & free} or a 3 x 2 matrix with dropdowns all users could have the same advantages without small UI changes and without new translations nor new options.

What do you think about?



2022-01-31 13:46

administrator   ~0015840

So you would give the control to the owner instead of the subscriber? That is actually much more work and from my point of view, less practical. If a user wants to hide events from others, he should move those events to a calendar with restrictive ACLs or with a classification with restrictive ACLs. In my suggestion 0000002, I was thinking in making a new property for each subscribed calendar where the subscriber can show or hide the transparent events.



2022-01-31 13:58

reporter   ~0015841

Thanks for your feedback; I just want to notice that there is another possibility with maybe less effort for you. You are right, that your suggestion 0000002 might be the best solution to hide all the events with "View status" = "View the Date & Time" AND "Show time as free" = TRUE.

Thanks an best regards form Dresden/Germany!



2022-02-21 14:05

reporter   ~0015893

Hello Francis,
do you have any updates regarding the implementation of your proposed solution? The boss is asking if there are any news (also concerning other tickets we have submitted). We understand you are probably quite busy but would be happy to hear back nonetheless.
Thank you very much in advance and regards from Dresden!



2022-09-09 17:34

reporter   ~0016216

Hello Francis, is there a chance to add this feature in 5.8.0?
Thank you very much in advance and regards from Dresden!



2023-12-10 17:55

reporter   ~0017499

Hello S├ębastien,

as francis made his last comments on 2023-04-17 I think he's not any more active in the SoGo core team and this issue has been forgotten in the meantime.

As this would increase the usability of SoGo webmailer significantly I take the liberty to bring back in your minds and hope for a solution in any 5.1x.y version.

Thank you and best regards,

The Bahnkonzept team from Dresden/Germany

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