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0005388SOGoWeb Mailpublic2023-12-11 11:58
Reporterrof Assigned Tofrancis  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status assignedResolutionfixed 
OSLinux DebianOS Version10 
Product Version5.2.0 
Fixed in Version5.5.0 
Summary0005388: Loading bar when opening emails with winmail.dat

We have received an email with a winmail.dat for some time. When opening the e-mail, the attachment is not displayed, but the loading bar runs permanently.
In the "sogo.log" I find the following entries for this:

Sep 07 17:51:14 sogod [909]: [RM:MailerUI] LOOKUP FAILED: UIxMailPartTNEFViewer
Sep 07 17:51:14 sogod [909]: [RM:MailerUI]   PARENT (<0x0x5610f5bd6220[WEResourceManager]:>) SAID: (null)
2021-09-07 17:51:14.333 sogod[909:909] EXCEPTION: <NSException: 0x5610fa651a40> NAME:NSInvalidArgumentException REASON:SOGoMailObject(instance) does not recognize bodyParts INFO:(null)
Sep 07 17:51:14 sogod [909]: "GET /SOGo/so/username/Mail/0/folderPublic/folderusername_A_domain_D_de/2153/view HTTP/1.1" 501 0/0 0.438 - - 0 - 14
Additional Information

We use the official debian package and libytnef0 is also installed. Under I read that this still must be preloaded?! Does the startup script need to be modified maybe?

Tagstnef, winmail.dat




2021-09-23 12:36

administrator   ~0015486

Have you installed libytnef?

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2021-09-23 12:42

developer   ~0015487

Last edited: 2021-09-23 12:42

We see the same errors and yes package libytnef0 is installed.



2021-09-23 12:51

administrator   ~0015488

Can you show me the result of

ldd /usr/sbin/sogod | grep tnef

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2021-09-23 12:56

developer   ~0015489

Last edited: 2021-09-28 19:00

# ldd /usr/sbin/sogod | grep tnef => /lib/ (0x00007ff0bbc94000)


2021-09-23 13:57

administrator   ~0015490

Please send me the raw source of the message in private.



2021-09-28 19:01

administrator   ~0015501

@rof - please try the next nightly build and let me know if it fixes your issue. If not, please send me a problematic message.



2021-10-04 15:48

reporter   ~0015508

Too bad, bad timing, so I am reopening the case. I had to set up a test system first and test it. The loading bar email in general seems to have a bug - I couldn't get the email to display correctly in other systems either and I think that's finished (an error message would be nice instead of the loading bar).

I have now tested several other winmail.dat and the icon for an attachment is displayed in the overview, but unfortunately I do not have access to the attachment. In the e-mail detail display it looks like there are no attachments available. I do not know if it is related?! I upload a partially anonymized email.



2021-10-04 15:50

reporter   ~0015509

Unfortunately, I can't upload the file because it exceeds the 2MB data limit. :(



2021-11-08 17:47

administrator   ~0015605

Please reopen if necessary.



2021-12-22 11:58

reporter   ~0015710

Last edited: 2022-02-09 15:00

Sorry for reopening the case. We have received again a winmail.dat, but it was not shown as attachment in SOGo (but in the mail overview an attachment icon is shown).
In the SOGo log it shows again the message

Dec 21 18:55:52 sogod [2088]: [RM:MailerUI] LOOKUP FAILED: UIxMailPartTNEFViewer
Dec 21 18:55:52 sogod [2088]: [RM:MailerUI]   PARENT (<0x0x55ecc323e6b0[WEResourceManager]:>) SAID: (null)

when opening the mail. Different tests (linking the "" or calling "LD_PRELOAD") did not lead to success. But the call of "ldd" linked to a valid /lib/

Unfortunately I am not allowed to give out the winmail.dat and I manually tried to create a valid email with tnef attachment. This is displayed correctly in Thunderbird and an online EML reader ( In SOGo the text is parsed incorrectly (see screenshot). The attachment was taken from and base64 encoded for the email. I do not want to exclude an error in the created e-mail and ask in this case for an example winmail.dat for testing in our system.



2021-12-22 12:03

reporter   ~0015711

SOGO_TNEF-Test.png (12,108 bytes)   
SOGO_TNEF-Test.png (12,108 bytes)   


2021-12-22 12:04

reporter   ~0015712

SOGO_TNEF-Test.eml (3,800 bytes)


2022-03-07 09:49

reporter   ~0015933

Unfortunately I have to open the error again, because again a winmail.dat was displayed incorrectly. Again, the attachment was displayed in the overview, but then was not accessible. It is also possible that it is not the winmail.dat, but the general mail display. I have generated an example using (exactly MAPI_OBJECT.tnef) and hope that it corresponds to our problem and can be solved.



2022-03-07 09:50

reporter   ~0015934

SOGO_TNEF-Test-2.eml (852,735 bytes)


2022-03-07 13:33

reporter   ~0015935

same here


ldd /usr/sbin/sogod | grep tnef => /lib64/ (0x00007f33f3d84000)

Mar 07 14:22:13 sogod [3288]: [RM:MailerUI] LOOKUP FAILED: UIxMailPartTNEFViewer
Mar 07 14:22:13 sogod [3288]: [RM:MailerUI] PARENT (<0x0x55b149388f00[WEResourceManager]:>) SAID: (null)



2022-03-07 13:43

reporter   ~0015937

another addition, it works on centos 8, but not on the centos 7 machine.



2022-03-07 14:10

reporter   ~0015938

i had ytnef and libytnef from epel repo installed on centos 7 box, with ytnef provided from sogo repository the error is gone. sorry for the noise.



2022-03-07 20:12

administrator   ~0015939

@rof The last message you attached seems partially corrupted, or we hit a limitation of the decoding library:

ERROR: invalid alloc size 628240 at ytnef.c : 529, suspected corruption (exceeded 524288 bytes)


2022-03-08 16:59

reporter   ~0015940

From my point of view, the mail is correct at the moment. In SOGo and another program ( the body of the mail is displayed, and when I export the attachment and then extract it with tnef, there are no error messages etc.. But the attachment of the sample file used ( is just a cryptic binary file, but I assume that is so correct.
We use the program tnef in version 1.4.18-3 from Debian 11. When I open the mail in SOGo, I read in the log file the message "sogod[768:768] File NSConcreteMapTable.m: 570. In NSFreeMapTable Null table argument supplied".



2022-03-08 21:51

administrator   ~0015942

What do you see in your Web interface? This is what I see on my side:

5388.jpg (121,092 bytes)   
5388.jpg (121,092 bytes)   


2022-03-14 08:37

reporter   ~0015946

Sorry for my late reply, I missed the message. The display of the e-mail looks the same for me, but it still contains an attachment "Untitled_Attachment" which is not displayed.



2023-12-06 10:39

reporter   ~0017490

It happens from time to time that no attachment is displayed for some emails. Random checks have shown that this is due to problems with the processing of attachments within the tnef files. The above example (SOGO_TNEF-Test-2.eml) also causes the problems described in the current version. These display problems are now leading to major acceptance problems for SOGo and I hope that there will be an improvement in the short term?! Unfortunately, I am not allowed to publish the problematic e-mail, but the example demonstrates the behavior very well.

I hope you can improve the processing!

PS: Because this support case addresses the topic at the end and is still open, I didn't want to create a new one...

Related Changesets

sogo: master d181cc4d

2021-09-28 14:57


Details Diff
fix(mail): decode ms-tnef (winmail.dat) inside message/rfc822 part

Fixes 0005388
Affected Issues
mod - SoObjects/Mailer/SOGoMailBodyPart.m Diff File

sogo: master b0c5adf5

2022-01-07 16:02


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fix(mail): handle empty "Mail.Note" in ms-tnef body part

Fixes 0005388
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mod - SoObjects/Mailer/SOGoTNEFMailBodyPart.m Diff File

sogo: master 6d50dee0

2022-03-29 14:44


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fix(core): encode reserved HTML characters in RTF parser

Fixes 0005388
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mod - SoObjects/SOGo/RTFHandler.m Diff File

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