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0005162SOGoWeb Mailpublic2020-09-23 13:51
Reporterjbuard Assigned To 
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Platform[Client] MicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version5.0.0 
Summary0005162: Pb au moment de cliquer sur répondre ou répondre à tous


nous avons constaté depuis l'installation en pré-prod de la v5.0.0 quand on clique sur répondre ou répondre à tous une seconde fois ou troisième fois d'affilé le ou les destinataires, le sujet et l'expéditeur disparaissent !!!
La première fois, cela fonctionne mais après plus rien !

Merci d'avance.

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2020-09-21 15:02

developer   ~0014793

I do not speak French.
Could you please translate this bug report into English?



2020-09-22 12:03

reporter   ~0014807

Ok, I'm sorry !

We have noticed since the pre-production installation of v5.0.0 when you click on reply or reply to all a second or third time in a row, the recipient (s), the subject and the sender disappear !!!
The first time, it works but after nothing!


Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2020-09-23 09:04

developer   ~0014812

I can not reproduce this with 5.0.0 release.
Which nightly version of SOGo are you using?
Can you reproduce this on the SOGo demo site?



2020-09-23 13:18

reporter   ~0014816

I have installed Sogo 5.0.0 on debian using your repository so I think that's not a nightly version !
We have a version of 4.3.2 without this problem, I don't understand ???

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2020-09-23 13:37

developer   ~0014817

OK, you are using the stable 5.0.0 release.
I just assumed, you where testing a nightly, because you said it was a pre-production installation, and I can not reproduce this problem.

Do you see any errors in sogo.log when this happens?



2020-09-23 13:46

administrator   ~0014818

@jbuard -- Please use the private BTS for commercial support. Thanks!



2020-09-23 13:51

reporter   ~0014819

@francis - Can you give me URL ?

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