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0005121SOGoWeb Preferencespublic2020-08-10 14:10
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Summary0005121: No backup codes/entering 2FA-code for enabling two factor auth


Since we have 2FA now. But I have two concerns:
1.) After enabling 2FA I miss backupcodes so we can't login to SOGo if we can't access our e.g. mobile phone due to e.g. erasure of data.
2.) There's no check like 'Hey did the user save the 2FA code inside of his phone before clicking on save after you enabled the 2FA checkbox?' This would be useful and you could remove following text 'You must enter this key into your Google Authenticator application. If you do not and you log out you will not be able to login again.'

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related to 0005122 new Two factor auth can be disabled without asking for password 




2020-08-07 18:39

reporter   ~0014648

Agree - before allow save setting which enables - there must be prompt for:

  1. TOTP - to validate that user has corretly saved his key
  2. under desire of developers - password
Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2020-08-10 14:08

developer   ~0014656

That is an additional feature request.

But yes it is advisable to check the second factor before saving that setting.

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