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0005032SOGo Connectorwith SOGopublic2020-05-20 13:09
Reporterpikachuprof. Assigned To 
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PlatformAll Oses (Thunderbird 68+) 
Summary0005032: ACLS are not represented in Thunderbird/Lightning to full extend -> Workaround for "invitations bug"

If a Calendar ist read-only in SOGo, it should also be in Thunderbird/Lightning. But The ACLs are not read correctly so no Calendar will get the Thunderbird Attribute read-only. And because a overlay hides it one can not set this themselves.

Because we encountered another Bug which shows Invitations (and counter on main page) for read-only calendars (or rather, for calendars that you are not the owner of...) we tried a small tweak by adding a tiny code line into the plugin that adds this attribute when the (broken?) showInvitations flag would get set (see below) which resulted in having all calendars read-only

Additional Information

@@ -115,6 +115,7 @@
if (directory.uri.spec.indexOf('_') > -1) {
directory.setProperty("showInTodayPane", false);
directory.setProperty("showInvitations", false);

  • directory.setProperty("readOnly", true);
    if (!suppressAlarmsSetFromDAV) {
    directory.setProperty("suppressAlarms", true);
    @@ -122,6 +123,7 @@
    else {
    directory.setProperty("showInTodayPane", true);
    directory.setProperty("showInvitations", true);
  • directory.setProperty("readOnly", false);
    if (!suppressAlarmsSetFromDAV) {
    directory.setProperty("suppressAlarms", false);
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