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0005004SOGoActiveSyncpublic2020-04-26 12:39
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PlatformAppleOSiOSOS Version13.4.1
Product Version4.3.0 
Summary0005004: SendMail with emojis in To headers rejected with status 120


When sending an email with iPhone Mail, to an address having emojis in the part outside of <> are rejected.
Sogo EAS debug logs report a Status 120 error code.

Exemple of the To: header :

To: =?utf-8?Q?Test_=F0=9F=90=88=F0=9F=90=96_Test?= <>

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a contact with emoji in its name : Test? ? Test
  2. Add a regular email address :
  3. In Mail app, create a new mail, select the new contact as To:
  4. Send email
  5. Mail is being rejected.
Additional Information

Sogo EAS Debug log looks like this :

<!DOCTYPE ActiveSync PUBLIC "-//MICROSOFT//DTD ActiveSync//EN" ";>
<SendMail xmlns="ComposeMail:">


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2020-04-26 12:39

reporter   ~0014282

I traced down the problem to parseQText (NGMailAddressParser.m). There mkStrObj is called which doesn't handle wide characters.
I sent an email to Ludovic to discuss a potential fix.

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