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0004984SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2020-03-18 10:06
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Product Version4.3.0 
Summary0004984: Add description and location in the calendar overview for printing.

The calendar overview for printing is very good, unfortunately information about the appointment is missing. Especially the location and the description are missing. Can these be added in the view?!

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2020-03-18 10:06

reporter   ~0014222

We have helped ourselves by adding the following CSS:
@media print {
body[ng-app='SOGo.SchedulerUI'] {
display: flex !important;
position: fixed;
align-items: baseline;
body[ng-app='SOGo.SchedulerUI'] md-dialog-actions,
body[ng-app='SOGo.SchedulerUI'].md-dialog-is-showing main section div div.view-detail,
body[ng-app='SOGo.SchedulerUI'].md-dialog-is-showing main section div div.view-list md-content md-tabs {
display: none !important;

Now you can print a single appointment when the appropriate window is open.

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