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0004952SOGo Connectorwith SOGopublic2020-02-28 10:25
ReporterHermarcel Assigned To 
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PlatformX86-AMD64OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version60.0.2 
Summary0004952: Connector 68.0.1 fails with Thunderbird 68.4.2 (32 bits)

Thunderbird Connector 68.0.1 downloaded and installed from
Installs ok, but after Thunderbird restart gives an error (zie attachment sogo1.png),
opening the addressbook form gives an error as well (see sogo2.png)
no "remote address book" button is created, hence the connector is not usable

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2020-02-08 22:45

reporter   ~0014148

hmm, attachments failed.

Sogo1.png shows: var addTooltipText = "&calendar-overlay.susbcription.tooltips.add;";
The error points to the &
Is subscription misspelled?

Sogo2.png shows: <toolbarbutton id = "addAddressBookBtn"
The error points to the <

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2020-02-28 10:25

developer   ~0014191

Did you change Connector prior of installation as stated in this guide?

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