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0000494SOGo Integratorpublic2010-03-16 15:08
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Summary0000494: 2nd LDAP source for address book only Won't search from thunderbird

I've set this up and it works in the web interface just fine, however I
can't get thunderbird to search it. I'm using the latest nightly, with
openldap and connector+integrator. The address book shows in the
Thunderbird Address Book list, but will not show any contacts when you
search in it.

I'm using the following SOGo conf in "SOGoUserSources"

            CNFieldName = cn;
            IDFieldName = uid;
            IMAPHostFieldName = mailHost;
            UIDFieldName = uid;
            baseDN = "dc=addresses,dc=domain,dc=com";
            canAuthenticate = NO;
            displayName = "Office Addresses";
            isAddressBook = YES;
            id = addresses;
            hostname =;
            port = 389;

the id is seperate to the auth id (public), and as stated it works in
the web interface. Also if I add the directory to Thunderbird manually
as a standard LDAP address book it works fine.

When searching from the web interface I get the following in the log - - [15/Mar/2010:12:48:19 GMT] "POST
HTTP/1.1" 200 6584/0 0.272 73645 91% 0

when searching from thunderbird I get the following in the log - - [15/Mar/2010:12:50:25 GMT] "REPORT
/SOGo/dav/ HTTP/1.1" 207 127/333 0.108

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I've also set the sogo-integrator auto-complete to use "addresses" but this doesn't work either. Looks like something incorrect in the way the sogo integrator or connector provides the ldap source to thunderbird.

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