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0004916SOGo ConnectorBackend Address Bookpublic2020-05-20 11:32
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OSMicrosoft Windows 10 
Summary0004916: Problem adding contacts

Contacts are not properly added to addressbook

Steps To Reproduce

In Thunderbird 68.3.1 with Sogo Connector 68.0.0, the contact is not added properly to the addressbook when right-clicking on a sender of an email and choosing the option "add to address book". An empty contact is generated in this case. However, when clicking on the star next to the sender, the contact is added properly.

TagsAddress book, addressbook


Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2020-01-02 13:29

developer   ~0014012

Same error with Connector 68.0.1



2020-01-15 14:49

reporter   ~0014061

In my case, clicking on the star next to the sender DOES NOT add the contact, simply nothing happens



2020-01-19 12:03

reporter   ~0014070

Tested against Thunderbird 68.4.1 with Connector 68.0.1 and the problem persists.



2020-05-20 11:32

reporter   ~0014365

The same problem occurred on our setups, the right click wont work (only empty contact is created), only clicking on the star works...

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