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0004873SOGoBackend Calendarpublic2019-12-10 12:46
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Summary0004873: TB Lighting does not work as expected with shared resources

we have a mail address dedicated to a share resource
We want to create events with other mails in the domain and invite the resource. If the resource is free in that time lapse, the invitation to the event should be automatically accepted and the resource should be marked as busy in that time lapse for future invitations.
We work on SQL user base. We use calendars via CalDAV url subscriptions. Following the guide we have setted the database structure and the sogo.conf and it works well in the webmail interface, but not so well in TB Lighting.
In particular, an event is created in the calendar even if it overlaps on another event for which the shared resource is already engaged. Checking in webmail side, the event is shifted to the first available time, but on the TB side the wrong time is always indicated, which overlaps with that of the event already present.

Is this a known problem?
We can't use TB if there is this mismatch in the display. Can you help us?

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2019-12-10 12:46

developer   ~0013968

We had a similar problem.
Not sure this helps, but could you set that shared resource calendar in Thunderbird to Read Only?

Thunderbird/Lightning does not know the concept of resources and their restrictions.
Therefore he will never shift on its own, but it should be able to find the next free slot for all participants via the buttons in the invitation screen.

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