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0004822SOGoBackend Address Bookpublic2019-10-28 13:41
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Platform[Server] LinuxOSDebianOS Version8 (Jessie)
Product Version4.0.8 
Summary0004822: Calender advertises wrong ACL for shared address books

When addressbooks are shared, the ACLs are advertised wrongly. It will report a current-user-privilege-set with "write" (and some others), but not "read".

According to this is wrong, and will make e.g. TBSync skip the shared address book (there is now a workaround in the latest beta, though, see

This might also be the problem of 0001981 and 0003333

BTW: for calendars this is done correctly

Steps To Reproduce
  • Share addressbook of user A with user B
  • Use Thunderbird with TBSync to connect to SOGo with user B
    -> only the personal addressbook of user B and GAL are discovered, the shared addressbook of user A is missing
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2019-10-17 21:48

reporter   ~0013831

Even worse, for readonly shared addressbooks no ACL is advertised at all:

<D:status>HTTP/1.1 200 OK</D:status>
<D:current-user-privilege-set xmlns:D="DAV:"></D:current-user-privilege-set>
<vcard-collection xmlns=";/>
<addressbook xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:carddav"/>

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