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Summary0004758: Allow overwrite of multipleBookings for past events

we often stumble when we have a series with a resource attached (multipleBookings set to 1) and try to change the events date-time to overlap with another existing series from the past. The other series might already have ended but is effectively blocking a current change.

Steps To Reproduce

Create two Series every Day and invite a resource with multipleBookings set 1.
One named "primary" from 10-11 which ends after 10 occurences.
Another named "second" from 11-12 which does not end.
Now pick a date after those 10 occurences of "primary" and change the time from 11-12 to 10:30-12. It should raise a conflict although "primary" has ended

preferrably it would be possible to change only future events (either by code or by implementing another menu-option "edit all future occurences")

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related to 0000935 new Modification of repeating event - "All following occurences" 


2019-05-31 14:45

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forgot to tag this as "feature request"

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