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0004719SOGoBackend Calendarpublic2019-06-04 13:50
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PlatformNethserverOSRHEL/CentOSOS Version7
Product Version4.0.7 
Summary0004719: Certain Emoticons cause calendar events to not be accessbile

When certain emoticons, such as a chicken, are put in an event on an android device, the event becomes unusable on the server.

Additional Information

I believe the applicable line in the log file is this:

Mar 29 15:42:25 sogod [16026]: [ERROR] <0x55d2bcd9a4e0[SOGoAppointmentFolder]:3C1E-5C92AA80-1-3A0DA280> cyclic record doesn't have content -> {"c_category" = "<null>"; "c_classification" = 0; "c_component" = vevent; "c_content" = "BEGIN:VCALENDAR

However I am not sure as other log lines are coming through as well.

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2019-04-12 17:50

reporter   ~0013544

Last edited: 2019-04-12 17:51

As an update, when these emojis are entered, everything after summary in the c_content filed of the event is deleted and the c_title field in the quick table is cleared as well. If this data is put back the event will come back and read properly, but with no emoji. Other events with emojis that apparently work, like a heart, show as random numbers of question marks in the database.



2019-04-12 18:13

administrator   ~0013545




2019-04-17 21:47

reporter   ~0013550

I made the config changes, which now allows the events with odd emojis to not kill the event, but all emojis still show up as question marks in the database. I'm assuming that's because I didn't run this:

mysql -hHOST -uUSER -p -D SOGO < Scripts/mysql-utf8mb4.sql

I can't find the script, and I'm not sure if that would kill my database anyway. Thoughts? Help?



2019-04-18 21:54

reporter   ~0013551

I was able to use phpmyadmin to update the existing database to use utf8mb4, but it still is converting emoticons to question marks. Fortunately not killing the event though.



2019-05-23 13:34

administrator   ~0013576

This is a database encoding issue - your schema is still incorrect.



2019-05-23 20:59

reporter   ~0013578

Thank you, do you have an idea of how to fix it?

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2019-06-04 13:50

developer   ~0013607

You can find the script at:

You should carefully read the header of it.

It can not correct existing invalid characters.
Only new entries will work.

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