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0004652SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2019-01-20 21:29
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PlatformiRedMail 0.9.8OSCentOSOS Version 7.6.1810 (Core)
Product Version4.0.4 
Summary0004652: SOGo Calendar | Free/Busy indicator shows "free" instead of "no free/busy information"

Given User1 and User2.

User2 didn't share his personal calendar to any user neither has any subscriptions to further calendars.

User1 inviting User2 gets User2's free/busy times indicated as "Free" (blue squares) but he should get free/busy times indicated as "No free/busy information" (white/black hatched).

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see description

Additional Information

Checked with Thunderbird 60.4 also. Same behaviour. Non-shared calendar, but Inviter does not get light pink but grey indication, where light pink means "No information" and grey means "Free".

"Busy" indication works fine, both in SOGo Web Calendar (brown squares) and in Thunderbird Lightning (dark blue).

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