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0004649SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2019-02-18 10:17 Assigned To 
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Product Version4.0.4 
Summary0004649: Declined events from a series do not get deleted from the series

We have a customer who is using kerio connect with a outlook 2016 plugin. I am able to invite this customer to a
series and process his response without problems. But when the customer later decides that her cannot attend a specific
event from the series, he declines participation. I then receive his update via mail and also i am shown the "Update Status"
button from within SOGo Webinterface, but clicking on it does not update this specific event.
After clicking that "Update Status" button and changing the module to calendar and back to mail, the button is gone.
So i assume SOGo processed that somehow.
I will attach the original series and the response privately

I dont't know if SOGo could do something here, but in regards to better integration i felt it was correct to post here

Steps To Reproduce

Invite someone with a Kerio Connect driven calendar to a series.
Accept that series from Kerio Connect
Decline a specific event from that series within Kerio Connect.
Update Status from SOGO Webinterface and watch it doing nothing
Subsequent events being declined do not have that Update Status button anymore

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2019-01-17 14:55

reporter   ~0013263

This is the series from SOGo

2019-01-17 14:56

reporter   ~0013265

and this is the response from Kerio Connect



2019-02-14 20:18

administrator   ~0013361

Cannot test with Kerio Connect, lowering priority.

2019-02-18 10:17

reporter   ~0013375

I could try to supply access to a Kerio Connect test instance. Please leave a note if that would be interesting

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