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0004622SOGo IntegratorWeb Calendarpublic2018-12-11 14:32
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PlatformThunderbird 60.2.1OSWindows/MacOS 
Summary0004622: Calendar properties do not save, widnows does not close

when clicking 'ok' to save changes to calendar properties nothing happens

Steps To Reproduce
  • In Thunderbird Lightning
  • right-click calendar and select properties
  • change something (e.g. color)
  • click 'OK'
  • properties window does not close, changes are not applied
Additional Information

It seems like the 'box' var is not an object, it is actually null.

I added some logging to 'properties-overlay.js' and it outputs like...

box id: sogo-0 properties-overlay.js:160:6
BOX: null properties-overlay.js:162:6
PROPNAME: calendar.sogo.0 properties-overlay.js:164:6
box id: sogo-1 properties-overlay.js:160:6
BOX: null properties-overlay.js:162:6
PROPNAME: calendar.sogo.1 properties-overlay.js:164:6
box id: sogo-2 properties-overlay.js:160:6
BOX: null properties-overlay.js:162:6

If you do a 'null' check on the 'box' the issue is fixed...but might cause other issues?

Fixed version of file (with console statments) is attached and also here:

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2018-12-11 14:13


properties-overlay.js (7,181 bytes)


2018-12-11 14:32

reporter   ~0013221

note: there is a type on the attached file fixed it in the gist. Line !148 should 'if (' NOT 'ifcalendar'

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