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0004576SOGo Connectorwith external serverpublic2019-01-11 10:54
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Summary0004576: Contact synchronisation ignores those with a photo

When synchronising the contacts in Thunderbird, only these without a photo are present in the address book; the others are ignored. The counter in the synchronisation pop-up reads the correct amount of contacts, but the address book does not contain them all.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a new remote address book, pointing on a server that contains some contacts with a photo;
  2. Synchronise;
  3. Check the counter of synchronised contacts;
  4. Check the counter of contacts in the address book;
  5. There are less contacts in the address book than on the server, the missing ones being those with a photo.
Additional Information

I am using a DAVical server and synchronise it properly with previous versions of Thunderbird and SOGo connector on another machine, as well as with other software.

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2018-11-20 21:11

reporter   ~0013182

We have the same problem with the following versions:

  • SOGo: 3.2.10,
  • Thunderbird: 60.3.1 (32 bit),
  • SOGo Connector: 60.0.0,
  • vCard: 3.0.

Is there any workaround known (except deleting the photos in the vCards or using another add-on)?



2018-11-20 22:02

reporter   ~0013183

The bug report was missing the software versions:
– Inverse SOGo Connector 60.0.0?;
– Thunderbird 60.3.0 (64 bits)?;
– DAVical



2019-01-11 10:43

reporter   ~0013249

This seems to be fixed with the following versions now:

  • SOGo: 4.0.5,
  • Thunderbird: 60.4 (64 bit),
  • SOGo Connector: 60.0.0 (11.01.2019).


2019-01-11 10:54

reporter   ~0013250

I also checked with SOGo Version 3.2.10, this seems to work now, too. (Suggesting that this has been fixed in SOGo Connector and not SOGo itself.)

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